Alberto  Zamboni 


After graduating from the Istituto europeo of Design in Milan, Alberto  Zamboni devoted exclusively to painting, choosing a  figurative  way  of  expression,  and  a  relistic  and  neoclassic style.

His language approaches the reality of the photographic image, bis desire being to express simply through the minimal elements of the image. The artist deftly looks into figures and faces, analyzes the human heart insides the human nature.

His paintings  are  private  and  mental,  based  on  an  inner  investigation, and always keeping an eye on the masters from the  last.  

In  fact,  in  his  works  allusions  and  strong  tributes  to  historical  iconography  are  easily  recognizable.  What  poses, gazes, close-­‐ups hide is revealed by the lights and shades cast on  them.

 From  those  cleavages  where  light  and  dark  touch,  inner  revelations  are  given  shape.  Those  faces  are  intense portraits, as if the people portrayed were in front of the mirror of  a  simple  truth.  

Alberto  Zamboni  has  shown  his  works  in  solo and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad.